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Booking procedure:

You must complete the on-line booking form with all necessary information and accept the terms and conditions through the following web page : Click Here for booking
Once the booking procedure has been submitted, you will receive an automatic Booking Confirmation Voucher that you can print and show at the reception of the hotel at time of check-in.
In case of any issue, included but not limited to, your method of payment, our Reservation team will get back to you by email within 24 hours for an inquiry received on a weekday or 48 hours at the latest for an inquiry received during the weekend.

The following cards are accepted at the Hotel and to pay your booking by Credit Card Authorization Form:
    - MasterCard
    - Visa

Booking Confirmation:

Ansara Hotel will send you a Booking Confirmation Voucher that you can print and show to the hotel reception at time of check-in. This will ease the process. The confirmation clearly states what is covered in the rate quoted and additional charges incurred at the hotel will be at your expense. Cancellation of a booking will immediately invalidate the confirmation.


If you wish to change your booking after it has been confirmed (e.g. guest names, date changes, reduction of number of nights, etc.), you must advise Ansara Hotel with as much anticipation as possible. We will try to assist in the best of our capabilities and in good faith but we cannot guarantee to meet each single new requirement. We will always strive to tackle any matter in our best mutual interests. Note that reimbursement for unused accommodation cannot be made in the event of an early check-out. Any amendment corresponding to a reduction of number of rooms or shorter stay duration is considered as a cancellation and therefore the hotel’s Cancellation Policy applies. All requests for additional nights or rooms are subject to room availability and conditions at time of inquiry.


Any refund will be made through bank transfer or through your credit card, depending on the original method of purchase. Additionally, although we will instruct the bank to handle the crediting process immediately upon notification of cancellation, it could take from 8-10 weeks for the actual crediting to take place, depending on your Bank's practice.

Cancellation Policy

Should you or any member of your party need to cancel your stay with us once it has been confirmed, the party leader must immediately advise the Hotel b either telephone, fax or email. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when it is acknowledged and confirmed by a member of staff or management of Ansara Hôtel. Note that due to the small size of our property and by applying a “no overbooking” policy, any cancellation represents an important loss of revenue.
Any cancelled room is automatically retro ceded to the Hotel and cannot be used in any form by anyone.
Reduction of rooms or room nights against requested confirmed bookings or early check-out is considered and treated as cancellations.

Period before departure within which written notification of cancellation is received Cancellation charge
7 days or more prior to arrival of the guests No charge
Within 7 Days prior to the arrival of the guests 1 Night or 50% of the Entire Stay Charged
Within 3 Days prior to the arrival of the guests (72 Hours) 100 % of the Entire Stay Charged
No Show 100 % of the Entire Stay Charged

We highly recommend trippers to purchase adequate travel insurance prior to arriving in your destination. It is your responsibility to check you have adequate insurance cover. The insurance should cover, amongst other things, the cost of cancellation by you, personal losses, all medical costs and the costs of assistance including return to the your country of residence in the event of an accident or illness. Where we incur costs from the time we confirm your booking, we will charge you a sum to cover the costs, expenses, charges and losses that we incur as a result of your cancellation.


In the very unfortunate event you have to change your dates of travel, no matter with how much anticipation prior to your original check-in/check-out dates you warn us, we will retain your payment and guarantee you the same price for your next booking with us with new dates and in the limit validity of the following 365 days. Your new travel period dates are subject to availability at time of confirming us.
If you were to add nights to your original duration of stay, then, the difference and surcharge this represents at the new actual season of travel and the corresponding fares apply. These extra charges will be paid at the hotel directly.
If you were to decrease your duration of stay – against your original booking - at time of staying with us with your new dates, then, we would refund you the corresponding difference based on your original fares paid to us. The difference will be paid back to you directly at the hotel.


In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with any aspect of your stay with us, you should contact any member of staff to take appropriate action. If after that you still feel that the problem has not been resolved to your reasonable satisfaction you should ask to speak to and meet a senior member of management. Ansara Hotel strives to maximize your enjoyment of stay and values its guests’ constructive comments and remarks. In the very unlikely event of a serious matter not being solved amiably while staying with us, any dispute will be governed in accordance with the Laws of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

Force Majeure:

In the even that the performance of this Agreement is delayed or prevented by any cause reasonably beyond the Hotel’s control, including without limitations, any acts of orders of government authorities, or by fire, flood or explosion, sale of the Hotel, necessary and essential construction, arrest or seizure and legal process, strike or other restraint of labor from whatever cause, the Hotel will be discharged of its obligation to provide accommodation or other services.

Renovation / annual maintenance:

The Hotel reserves the right to carry out renovations to the Hotel as it deems fit. The dates of renovations shall be made by the Hotel at its absolute discretion. The Hotel will do its utmost to limit inconvenience caused to the guest(s).